What is Changing the Tale?

CHANGING THE TALE is re-writing how children learn to love books. I empower parents to give their children the very best experiences and learning opportunities, making them fall in love with reading and books, through simple ideas and activities. I offer a 1-1 MASTERCLASS, group courses, workshops and ebooks, alongside the blog, to create families of engaged readers.

How should I use the activity ideas?

Do you remember at school when the teacher read a boring book, which meant you were clock-watching and disengaged for the rest of the week? Let’s switch it up. Give children experiences and opportunities. Give them the tools to access literature, before they even go near a book. Try out some (or all!) of the activities on the blog and Instagram and don’t worry if your child knows the book or not. Follow my tips to get them engaged and asking questions. Then share the book when the time is right – maybe they will want you to read it every night (repetition of stories is always good!) or maybe they’ll want you to read it once and be keen to get onto the next one.

Where can I get more help?

Get in touch if you would like a coaching session, to arrange a workshop or if you’d just like some more info.

Can you suggest activities for a particular book?

I love to hear your suggestions so please do let me know if there are specific books you’d like me to delve into!

Do you provide help for older children?

CHANGING THE TALE is like a book club for the whole family. As an experienced primary school teacher, I am always keen to help older children. Feel free to get in touch with any suggestions for books and I’ll be sure to add them to my ‘to-do’ list.

do you run any workshops?

Online courses are launching soon, with a dedicated Facebook group for you to share ideas and I’ll be on hand to answer questions too. I’m always happy to visit schools, nurseries or elsewhere to run workshops with staff, parents and/or children too so get in touch if you have something in mind!