About Me

Launched in 2019, CHANGING THE TALE is a hub for parents who want their children to love learning. Think of it like a family book club!

I love to work with mums, dads and carers who want the very best for their children and can see the wider benefits of reading but don’t always have the time or resources to scour Pinterest for ideas and then re-create them at home. I want my MASTERCLASS to help parents and carers release that guilty feeling that they’re ‘not doing enough’. And I want you to love knowing that a child treasures a story because they have been totally engaged and immersed in it.

If you like tried and tested ideas, professional, educational advice and a friendly Reading Coach, then youโ€™re in the right place. As a primary school teacher (and mum of two!) for many years, with Literacy as my specialism, while on maternity leave I missed working with families. From speaking with other parents, many of whom shared my passion for books, many felt lost when trying to help their children to love reading. And even those parents with mini bookworms weren’t sure how to develop imaginations and build on the magic of stories. Let’s face it – the wealth of ideas and activities on the internet can feel overwhelming, never mind take an age (and half of Hobbycraft!) to set up.

CHANGING THE TALE is my passion. It’s a reading hub for parents, children and teachers. It’s somewhere to get inspiration, advice and ideas. And it’s a supportive network of book lovers; a book club for the whole family.